Questions to Ask your Wedding Vendor

Questions to Ask your Wedding Vendor

Questions to ask your Wedding Vendor on Lined Paper

Questions to Ask your Wedding Vendor

What one question do you wish couples asked before they booked you as a wedding vendor? We reached out to some of our favorite Central FL wedding vendors and asked them that very question. Here’s what they had to say:


Planner Question: What elements should I have friends and family help with?

Planner Answer: Do NOT depend on friends and family to do the work of professional vendors. IE – photographer, florist, cake, planner, caterer etc. Use your family and friends to add personal touches – designing table numbers, gifting a wedding accessory or maybe a special moment at the ceremony or reception.

Source: Beth McIntyre – My Favorite Day

Bride and Groom Sunset

Planning by: Your Favorite Day

Photo by: Jamie Reinhart Photography



DJ Question: Who picks all the music for our wedding day?

DJ Answer: This question allows us to explain the process of how we take the couple’s favorite music and mix that in with our DJ’s experience ability to read the crowd in order to get the perfect formula for an amazing night.

Source: Tabitha McCausland – Firefly Productions

Bride and Groom in Confetti from Firefly Productions

Confetti Canon by: Firefly Productions

Photo by: Kathy Thomas



Planner Question: What is the average cost of a wedding?

Planner Answer:  So many couples go into planning uneducated because, for the most part, it is their first time getting married! I LOVE the opportunity to educate my couples on what they can estimate for their wedding. From the cost of floral depending on their vision, what the average plated dinner runs them at a hotel or how we can save some money on the groomsmen’s suits because of our partnership with an amazing tux company! Talking about realistic costs is so important to me from the very beginning! This allows the couple to be well prepared from the start and isn’t caught off guard when they start collecting quotes. As a Certified Wedding Planner, it is my job to ensure my bride and groom get all the facts they need to make the best decisions for their special day!

Source:  Amanda Borero – For the Love of Events FL

Halloween Table Decor - Questions to ask your Vendor

Planning by: For the Love of Events

Photo by: Rudy & Marta



DJ Question: What should my wedding day timeline look like?

DJ Answer: We have years of experience with weddings of all types. The timeline we create will have very accurate times and realistic expectations of how the evening should flow. An example would be to have the toasts before dinner instead of during. If dinner is a buffet and toasts are given during dinner, many people will be in the buffet line and not paying attention to the toasts. If you do it after dinner some family members take a bathroom or cigarette break and will also end up missing the toasts. Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything additional to ask a professional you hired to create a timeline for you.

Source: Joe Moralis – Elegant Entertainment

DJ Joe Moralis Elegant Entertainment at booth

Photo by: DR Photography



Planner Question: What does our planning investment cover in detail?

Planner Answer: Not all planners are the same and each of our packages are designed differently to better suit our planning strengths. I appreciate it when a couple asks what the planning service includes rather than assume that all planners offer the same services.

Source: Donnamarie Williamson – Kiss of Perfection

Bride and Groom Indian Wedding Questions to Ask your Planner

Photo by: Jake Brian Photography



Photographer Question: Does your vendor have any experience with whatever is unique about your wedding day? Outdoor wedding ceremony during rainy season? Blended families? Cultural incorporations?

Photographer Answer: Having a vendor that has experience with these unique situations ensures that they can guide you through the process – through planning and on wedding day. An experienced vendor can also make great recommendations of other vendors with similar experience to help make your day really shine.

Source: Kara Rebello – Embrace by Kara

Sillouette of Couple at Marina del Rey in front of Lake Harris

Photo by: Embrace by Kara



Planner Question: Do you set up DIY centerpieces or décor?

Planner Answer: Your planner (and all of your vendors) want your day to be nothing but a success. If you are thinking of  doing DIY for your wedding, your planner can guide you through what actually works and what ends up being a total Pinterest fail. Your planner can also ensure that there is enough time (and manpower) to bring your vision to life. Imagine a planner expecting small, simple centerpieces only to have a U-Haul pull up on wedding day filled with structures that need to be built!

Source: Katie Jimenez – Big Day Celebrations

Sweetheart Table - Bracco - Big Day Celebrations - Vendor Question

Planning by: Big Day Celebrations

Photo by: Kristen Weaver Photography



DJ Question: Do you offer anything other than just music?

DJ Answer: A lot of times someone will refer them to us as DJ services. On wedding day we see that the couple has another service for something else (say lighting or photobooth) that we could have provided them at a discounted rate for multiple services.  I have personally experienced a bride and groom that booked a Photobooth that never showed. We could have provided that service for them and they would have had a booth for their big day!

Source: Joe Moralis – Elegant Entertainment

Wedding Toasts with Bride and Groom

Photo by: KMD Creations Photo & Film 


Extra Questions that Are Great to Ask Vendors:

Ask for referrals and recommendations! Nothing brings your wedding day together better than working with a team that has experience with each other and can work flawlessly as a team.

If there is anything that you are struggling with – tell us! Don’t love cake? Let us know, we can make non-traditional recommendations that you’ll love. Unsure about how you want to handle the lineup for your wedding party (or if you even want one)? We can help with that too!

Will your vendor have more than one wedding on your wedding date?

In an emergency situation in which your vendor cannot be at your wedding, is there a back-up plan in place?

Do you offer any discounts for specific days of the week, times of day, holidays etc.? If you are looking to save on your wedding day and are flexible – this one question can save you thousands!


Asking the right questions will ensure you enlist a team of superhero vendors on your wedding day!

Superhero Socks at Wedding


Need a list of questions to ask your wedding venue? Click Here! 

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