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Top Ten Wedding Hair Styles Feature with Four Brides

Bridal Hair Styles – Mission Inn’s Top Ten

Looking for ideas on great bridal hair styles for your wedding? Take a look at Mission Inn Resort’s favorite hair styles from recent weddings.


1. Elegant High Bun

bride posing in front of greenery with elegant high bun

For her bridal hair style, Abby chose an elegant high bun styled by Makeover Station. High buns are a great option for any age range.

This is a style that makes the face the focus of the wedding pictures. Check out Abby & Danny’s gorgeous photos by Silvana DiFranco Photography.

Bride sitting getting her bridal high bun styled

Groom Kissing Bride with High Bun

2. Romantic Up-Do

Bride and Groom Looking at each other

For her wedding day, Jeremy chose a beautiful up-do. This is a hairstyle that requires no other decoration. An interesting, but elegant twist to pin curls, it had the appearance of the hair being turned into roses, for a romantic updo. This is a perfect for wedding day look, captured beautifully by The Hendricks Photography.

bride and groom together for portraits

Bride and Groom standing on stone bridge with bride holding flowers

Bride getting ready to kiss her groom with gorgeous bridal hair style


3. Side Swept Do

bride smiling in front of ready room mirror with side swept do hair style

Amy was ready to sweep Andy off of his feet with this gorgeous side swept wedding day look. This style, created by Vanessa Pacheco with Beauty and a Bowtie, is perfect for keeping the hair off of the back for those warmer wedding days. Photographer KT Crabb Photography, was able to capture some great pictures of Amy & Andy for us!

Bride holding beautiful bouquet with groom

Bride smiling in wedding dress with side swept bridal hair style

Bride and Groom Holding Hands After Wedding


4. Soft Curls

Bride sitting in chair holding bridal bouquet with gorgeous soft curls

The team at About Face Design Team covered Diva in soft curls that elegantly framed Diva’s face on wedding day. Diva paired this classic bridal style perfectly with a long train for a dramatic effect. Check out these stunning photos captured by Lotus Eyes Photography of Diva & Kenny on their big day!

bride and groom embracing on a stone bridge with bridal veil blowing in background


5. Side Swept Fishtail Braid

Gorgeous Side Swept Fishtail Braid Bridal Hair Styles

Dana said “I Do” to Tan with a gorgeous side swept fishtail braid created by Laura Reynolds Artistry. Laura added soft curls to the look to frame Dana’s face for photos by Josh and Rachel Photography. This is another great option for summer weddings. A pulled back look will leave you cool and looking fresh, even in a Florida summer.

bride and groom with gorgeous flowers

bride showcasing her flowers and bridal hair styles

Couple holding hands and walking


6. Classic Up-Do

Bride holding bouquet showing off her bridal hair style

Alyssa wanted a classic up-do for her November brunch wedding. Michelle with M3 Makeup Artists created this look with securly placed curls that still had a soft look. Check out these gorgeous photos taken by Corner House Photography of Alyssa and Hunter on wedding day at Mission Inn’s Legends Wedding Courtyard!

bride and groom holding hands

bride looking at her wedding dress with a gorgeous updo bridal hair style

groom kissing brides head


7. Half Up Half Down

Bride and Groom Kissing with Pink Hibiscus

Lida wanted a soft curled, half up/half down hairstyle. This style, created by Vanessa with Beauty and a Bowtie is not your typical half up, half down. This kind of hairstyle gives dimension and volume, and pairs well with any kind of formal wear.Emily Paige Photography did a great job of capturing this bridal hair style in all of the great photos from Lida & Jeff’s big day!

classic wedding bridal hair style

bride and groom touching foreheads with sun setting in the background
bride sitting on a blue chair in her wedding dress smiling


8. Vintage Updo

Bride with stylish updo hairstyle putting earrings in

Another gorgeous updo by  Vanessa with Beauty and a Bowtie. On wedding day, Jessica sported a vintage style, side swept, updo with curls.  Her hairstyle was adorned with a beautiful flower crown. Jessica & Steven’s day was photographed by Nate Puhr Photography.

Bride in wedding dress with vintage hair style

groom looking at bride who is holding a bouquet of flowers

bride with beautiful vintage hair with flowers


9. Curled Braid

Bridal braid with curls hairstyle

Kati Rosado Photography perfectly captured this side swept braid. The team with Kristy’s Design Artistry created the braid with beautiful curls, leaving pieces out to frame Laura’s face. This hairstyle was the perfect compliment to Laura & Chris’s romantic wedding day on Plaza de la Fontana.

Groom holding bride

Bride holding her veil with gorgeous hair style

Groom kissing bride in front of spanish tile fountain


10. Celtic Knot and Chignon

Celtic Knot hairstyle

Melissa chose a soft updo in a celtic knot style, featuring side swept bangs, and a Celtic inspired chignon. This beautiful look was created by Before the Aisle and captured byMonica Grace Photography.

bride and groom kissing

bride smiling while putting her earrings in

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Gorgeous Wedding Portrait of Bride and Groom in Orange Lillies at Sunset

Gorgeous Wedding Portraits at Mission Inn

Top Locations for Gorgeous Wedding Portraits 

Gorgeous Portrait of Bride and Groom in front of Tree and Bridge

Photo By: Brian Sumner Photography


Are gorgeous wedding portraits a must have for you on wedding day? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Couples constantly ask where to find the best spots at Mission Inn Resort to take gorgeous portraits on wedding day.  


We partnered with some of our favorite Central Florida wedding photographers to create a guide to some of the best photo spots at Mission Inn – both the iconic locations and the more hidden gems.  



Mission Inn’s Iconic Wedding Portrait Locations: 

The Sunset Bridge 

Bride and Groom on a Bridge Looking at Each Other

Photo By: Photolocity

Stephanie and Joe kissing by the water

Photo By: KMD Photo and Film

Gorgeous portrait of bride and groom on sunset bridge at sunset

Photo By: Jamie Reinhart Photography

El Campeon Golf Course – 100 Year Old Stone Bridge 

newlyweds sitting on stone bridge with dramatic sunset

 Photo By: Cricket’s Photo & Cinema

Gorgeou Portrait of Same Sex Wedding Garden Bridge Portrait

Photo By: Heather Rice Photography

Gorgeous Portrait of Bride and groom holding each other on stone bridge at Mission Inn Resort

Photo By: Lotus Eyes Photography

The Famous Mission Inn Waterfall 

Portrait of Groom in Scottish wear kissing bride's hand

 Photo By: VMP Photography

Bride and Groom Indian Wedding Questions to Ask your Planner

Photo By: Corner House Photography

Stephanie and Joe next to golf course waterfall

Photo By: KMD Photo & Film

The Mission Inn Resort Sign 



Mission Inn’s Resort-Side Portrait Locations: 

 The Gates of Plaza de las Palmas 

Bride and groom kissing in beautiful tunnel with wrought iron door

Photo By: That First Moment Photography

Bride and groom at iron gate for wedding portrait

 Photo By: Cricket’s Photo & Cinema

Two brides wedding portrait

Photo By: PB &  J Studios

The Fountain of Plaza de la Fontana 

Bride and Groom at Sunset

Photo By: Passio Photography

Portrait Plaza de la Fontana - bride and groom next to fountain

Photo By: The Hendricks Photography


bride and groom standing in front of spanish style fountain for wedding portrait photoPhoto By: Kiki Blue Photography

The Staircase at Plaza de la Fontana 

Bride and groom kiss on outdoor stairsPhoto By: Brian Sumner Photography

Bride and groom dramatic staircase shot at nighttime

Photo by: Cricket’s Photo & Cinema


Bride with blue bouquet standing next to her groom on a staircase of pink hibiscus trees in front of a lake

Photo By: KMD Photo & Film

The Market Lights of Plaza de las Palmas

Bride and groom with umbrella in the rainy Plaza de las Palmas

Photo by: That First Moment Photography

Bride and groom in Plaza de las Palmas with ribbon of light surrounding them

Photo by: Emily Paige Photography

Bride and groom kissing in Spanish courtyard during sparkler sendoff

Photo by: KMD Photo & Film


The Portrait Locations at Legends Courtyard: 


The Fountain at Legends Courtyard 

Bride and groom kissing next to vintage fountain

Photo by: Kathy Thomas Photography

Picture of Bride holding flowers kissing groom in front of fountain

Photo By: Jessica Leigh Photography

Boho bride and groom in front of vintage fountain

Photo By: Jaime DiOrio Photography

Marina del Rey’s Portrait Options: 

The Big Oak 

Bride laying on the branch of an oak tree surrounded by spanish moss next to her groom for gorgeous wedding portrait

Photo By: Sivan Photography

Bride and Groom Dancing and Holding Hands in front of oak tree at Mission Inn Resort

Photo By: Brenda Anderson Photography

Bride and Groom sitting in oak tree for their wedding portrait

Photo by: Cricket’s Photo & Cinema


Woodland Marsh Path 

Bride carrying red flowers holding grooms hand while walking on a boardwalk

Photo By: Jessica Leigh Photography

Beautiful Boho Wedding Bouquet Bride and Groom in the Woods

Photo by: Kathy Thomas Photography

Walking on Boardwalk with Spanish Moss

Photo by: KMD Photo & Film


Docks at Marina del Rey 

Bride in blue blazer kissing bride in wedding gown on the pier at mission inns marina del rey at sunset

Photo By: PB&J Studios

Bride and Groom standing on the docks in front of a seaplane getting ready to take off

Photo By: Nikki Ogden Photography

Bride being dipped by her groom at sunset on the docks of marina del rey on wedding day

Photo By: Jessica Leigh Photography


Reflecting Pond

Bride and Groom standing on bridge with reflections in the water

Photo By: Ashley McCormick Photography

Bride and Groom Kissing on a Bridge in Front of a Reflecting PoolPhoto By: Brenda Anderson Photography


Seasonal Floral Portrait Options: 

Bouganviellas at Marina del Rey

Bride and Groom in front of Hot Pink BouganvillaPhoto By: Kristen Weaver Photography


Poinsettias at Plaza de las Palmas 

Bride holding red and white wedding flowers in front of tower of red pointsettias

Photo by: Cricket’s Photo & Cinema


Orange Lilies at El Campeons 18th Hole 

Bride and groom dancing in front of large orange lillies at sunset

Photo By: Nick and Lauren Photography


Azaleas at Legends Courtyard 

Bride and Groom in front of oak tree behind beautiful pink flowers

Photo By: Jessica Leigh Photography


Wildflowers at Marina del Rey 

Bride and Groom standing in wildflowers

Photo By: Brenda Anderson Photography


Fun and Unique Portrait Ideas: 


Giant Chess Board 

Groomsmen standing on giant chess board

Photo By: PB&J Studios


Billiards Room 

Bride and Groom Playing Pool

Photo By: That First Moment Photography


Mission Inn Bikes 

Bride and Grooms Riding Bikes

Photo By: Critsey Rowe Photography


Playing at the Playground 

Bride and Groom on Tire Swing

Photo by: Errol Colon Photography


Portraits on the Golf Course 

Bride chasing groom with golf club on golf course

Photo By: Richard Harrell Photography


The Vegetable Gardens

Bride and Groom in Vegetable Patch

Photo by: Heather Rice Photography


Poolside Portraits

Bride and Groom Poolside with Drinks


Resort Backdrop:

Bride and Groom in front of Mission Inn ResortPhoto by: KMD Photo & Film 


Do you have a favorite portrait spot at Mission Inn Resort  that isn’t listed here?  

Please share it with us in the comments! 


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Bride and Groom Together

Shante & James’ Lakeside Brunch Wedding

Shante & James’ Lakeside Brunch Wedding


The Beginning:

African American Female Bride with Caucasian Male Groom in Green Shirt

Shante met James on a dating website in December 2015. James was living in Virginia and Shante in Florida.  The couple built their relationship on text messaging, phone calls and Skype. It was nine months before they met face to face! After that first meeting, they knew they were in love. Shante found someone that accepted her and her daughter, Kianna, and James couldn’t believe he found someone who understood him so well as Shante did.

African American Female Bride with Caucasian Male Groom in Green Shirt sitting in front of park fountain

couple walking on park boardwalk through palm trees

white and pink floral dress with womans hand showing engagement ring


The Engagement:

Man in purple shirt, woman in floral dress and child in pink dress taking family photo in a park

August 6th, the day before their second anniversary, James arranged a family photo shoot at a park Shante loved.  The park had a picturesque pathway and beautiful lakefront. The photographer started with photos of just Kianna and Shante. Suddenly James mentioned something about Shante forgetting her ring. Suddenly, James pulled out a black box saying “You forgot this ring.” James’ romantic speech was hard to heard over Shante’s sobbing crying but, she definitely said YES! Then James turned to Kianna and down on one knee told her that even though she wasn’t biologically his, he loved her as if she were. He asked her to be his daughter and presented her with a heart locket with a pink diamond. Cue more tears! Kianna happily said yes and gave him a big hug.

On the way home, Shante suggested picking up some pizza. They stopped at Little Caesars and James went to get the food. He came back saying they weren’t open which was shocking because it was only 8:30 p.m. When they arrived home, Shante opened the door and her family and friends jumped out shouting “Congratulations!” More tears! Everyone had driven up and set up a party in the apartment with James’ planning. Weeks of sneaking and planning and not one person said a word.  It was an amazing day to remember!

man in purple shirt on bended knee in front of lake proposing to woman in floral dress

man in purple shirt on bended knee in front of lake proposing to woman in floral dress

man in purple shirt on bended knee in front of lake proposing to daughter in pink dress


Lakeside Brunch Wedding Day: Thursday, June 20, 2019


Getting Ready:

bride in white robe smiling and getting ready for lakeside brunch wedding

Bride in white bathrobe getting makeup done

Bride sitting on black chair in white robe with hand showing engagement ring

flower girl with white dress and pink sash with braided hair

Ring bearer getting dressed

Groom in tux in front of orange lilies

Groom in tux in front of stone wall

bride reading letter from future groom

Groom sitting on white railing reading letter from bride

bride putting earrings in

bridesmaid buttoning the brides dress

Bridal Bouquet with pink roses

pair of white high heeled wedding shoes


A Lakeside Ceremony:


sand ceremony with pink and white sand set on table lakeside for wedding

Groom walking in the grass for lakeside wedding ceremony

Groom waiting for bride

Ring bears walking down aisle Flower girl walking down the aisle

Bride walking down the aisle

Officiant for lakeside brunch weddin

Bride and groom at ceremony

Bride and groom exchanging vows

Bride and groom exchanging wedding vows with officiant lakeside

Bride and groom exchanging wedding vows with officiant lakeside

Daughter of bride resting her head on the bride during ceremony

Bride, groom and flower girl during ceremony

bride and groom doing sand ceremony

Bride and groom exchanging first kiss

Bride kissing her daughter the flower girl at the end of the ceremony

Bride and groom walking down the aisle with guests clapping after lakeside brunch wedding ceremony

Close up of bride and groom kissing

Bride and groom holding hands

Lakeside Wedding Portraits:

Bride groom and flower girl daughter under oak tree by the lake

Mother of Groom, Groom, Bride and Father of Groom

Mother and Father of Bride, Groom, Bride and Brides Daughter

Groom and new daughter

Bride Groom and Brides Daughter

Family on Wedding Day Under Oak

Mom and Daughter Kissing

Bride and Groom Together

Bride and Groom Holding Hands

Bride and Groom on Wooden Lakeside Boardwalk for Brunch Wedding

Walking on Boardwalk with Spanish Moss

Bride By Herself

Groom by himself on wooden boardwalk

Lakeside Brunch Wedding Reception:

Lakeside Brunch Wedding Reception Venue with White Linen tables with Pink Napkins

Bride and Groom Entering Lakeside Brunch Wedding Reception Venue

Bride and Groom on Dance Floor Dancing

Bride Resting her head on grooms shoulder during dance

Bride and Groom sitting together during speeches at lakeside brunch wedding

Grey M with mimosa and flowers from wedding


pink and white miniature wedding cake

assorted pink and white wedding cupcakes

bride and groom cutting wedding cake in front of glass window overlooking lake

Bride and Groom kissing behind wedding cake and dessert

cupcake display with two glasses of mimosas

Lakeside brunch wedding reception group photo of entire family


Vendor Team that Brought to Life this Lakeside Brunch Wedding:

Wedding Ceremony Location: Mission Inn Resort’s Cypress Lawn at Marina del Rey

Wedding Reception Location: Mission Inn Resort’s Lago Vista at Marina del Rey

Engagement Shoot & Wedding Photography: KMD Photo and Film

Wedding Ceremony & Reception DJ: DJ Phil Joeckel 

Floral: Orlando Flower Market

Wedding Officiant: Dr. Jill Norburn

Cake & Desserts by: Le Petit Sweet 


The Wedding Dress – Mission Inn’s Top Ten

Looking for ideas for a wedding dress for your Central Florida wedding? Take a look at Mission Inn Resort’s favorite gowns from recent weddings.

Wedding Dress Collage

1. Martina Liana Wedding Dress

Bride in Martina Liana Wedding Gown

Sydney chose a gorgeous design by Martina Liana for wedding day. This dress had a  unique mix of fabrics and textures. Long, illusion-lace sleeves add a vintage element to this gown and were perfect for Sydney’s winter wedding. The dress featured Embroidered French lace with pearl beadwork and crystal buttons. Elegant scalloped-lace details completed this romantic, timeless look.

Bride in Martina Liana Wedding Gown

Bride in Martina Liana Wedding Gown

Bride in Martina Liana Wedding Gown

Martina Liana Wedding Gown

Wedding Photographer:  Emma Shourds Photography

Bridal Salon:  The Collection Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer:  Martina Liana

2. Hayley Paige’s Comet Gown

Bride and Groom Kissing at wedding ceremony in front of lake

Hayley Paige’s Comet Gown looked absolutely stunning on Christina as she walked down the aisle.  The gown was made up of a gorgeous full tulle skirt with a breathtaking chapel train.  The rhinestones and beads sparkled in the light.  After ceremony, Christina added a trendy denim jacket with rhinestones for a fun personal touch.

Bride in Hailey Paige Gown holding beautiful wedding bouquet

Mother of bride buttoning dress

Bride looking at her wedding dress

Bride wearing denim jacket over her dress

Wedding Photographer:  Kristen Weaver Photography

Bridal Salon:  White Magnolia Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer:  Hayley Paige

3. Calla Blanche Wedding Dress

Bride in front of fountain with oak barrels

Ashley wore the Paloma dress from Calla Blanche’s L’Amour collection. The dress was an A-line gown with beaded cap sleeves. Shimmering beaded accents added just the right amount of sparkle and shine to the satin fabric. The cathedral train made this dress perfect for Ashley’s timeless and traditional ceremony.  Our favorite part was the back of the dress which was detailed with intricate beading and looked stunning from every angle.

Bride standing in wedding dress with hedge wall and oak barrell

bride standing at wedding ceremony

Back of Wedding Dress

Wedding Photographer:  Miranda Grey Weddings

Bridal Salon:  Gray Collective Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer:  Calla Blanche


4. Hayley Paige’s Kenny Gown 

Bride in white wedding gown walking with bridesmaids

Isn’t this dress stunning?  Varsha wore the absolutely gorgeous Kenny Gown by Hayley Paige.  The gown is an A-line dress with a gorgeous neckline with beaded detail.  Light reflected fabulously off the moondust organza skirt.  The best part of this dress though was the slit in the skirt which added a bit of fun to this romantic classic.

Bride putting in earrings

Bride and Groom at Sunset

Wedding Dress Hanging from Iron Gate

Bride and Groom Sparkler Exit

Wedding Photographer: Passio Photography

Bridal Salon:  Philly Bride

Wedding Dress Designer:  Hayley Paige 


5. Wedding Dress by Martina Liana

Bride standing showing details of wedding dress

Ali’s wedding dress was absolutely stunning. On wedding day she wore an elegant gown by Martina Liana.  The elegant train, cap sleeves and lace gave the dress dress a romantic, vintage look.  Meanwhile the sweetheart neckline and open back give this dress a modern flair.  Such a timeless look!

Brides Wedding Dress Hanging

Bride and Groom standing in front of waterfall

Bride and Groom Kissing

Wedding Photographer: Rhodes Studios

Bridal Salon: The Collection Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer:  Martina Liana


6. Xscape Wedding Dress

Bride wearing stunning xscape evenings white dress

Nancy wanted something simple and classy for her wedding day.  She did not want anything elaborate or over the top.  Nancy chose a beautiful white lace dress by Xscape Design, part of the Macy’s Bridal Collection.  Didn’t she look absolutely fabulous?

Bride and Groom embracing in front of Waterfall

Bride and Groom Holding Hands

Wedding Photographer: Embrace by Kara

Bridal Salon: Macy’s Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer:  Xscape Design

7. A Gorgeous Maggie Sottero Gown

Dress Hanging on Iron Gate

Tori found her perfect wedding dress at The Formal Spot in Winter Garden.  She chose a beautiful formal gown by Maggie Sottero.  Lace motifs cascaded over tulle on this ballgown wedding dress.  The dress featured a strapless scoop neckline and belt with bow detail. Look how gorgeous this gown was as Tori spun on the dancefloor.

Bride and Groom holding flowers in courtyard

Bride and Groom Together

Bridesmaids with Bride

Bride and Groom Swirling on Dancefloor

Wedding Photographer: East Coast Photography

Bridal Salon: The Formal Spot – Winter Garden

Wedding Dress Designer:  Maggie Sottero


8. Eve of Milady Wedding Gown

Bride and Groom in front of Tree with Bridge in Background

Chrissy looked abosolutely stunning on wedding day.  Her ballgown wedding dress by Eve of Milady was a showstopper.  The organza chapel train with lace details had a real-life princess look.  The look was completed with off the shoulder sleeves and sweetheart neck.

Gorgeous backside of Brides Gown Bride and Groom together

Wedding dress hanging from iron gate

Bride in wedding dress with hanging straps

Wedding Photographer: Brian Sumner Photography

Bridal Salon: Something New Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer:  Eve of Milady


9. Call Blanche Wedding Dress

Gorgeous back of wedding dress in front of central florida waterfall

Natalie wore a classic yet boho-inspired, A-line lace dress.  The dress, by Calla Blanche, features lace motifs along the bodice, V-neckline, straps, and scoop back.  This stunningly romantic dress had a gorgeous train for an added bonus.

Bride with black hair in wedding dress holding bouquet

wedding dress

Bride and groom at alter

Wedding Photographer: Madison Hope Photography

Bridal Salon: The Collection Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer:  Calla Blanche


10. Two Dresses are Better than One

Bride and Groom Kissing


Shivana’s Indian wedding allowed her to wear not one but two gorgeous dresses.  For her Hindu ceremony, Shivana wore a sari custom designed in India.  The sari was traditional red with rinestone accents and gold jewelry.  For the American ceremony, Shivana wore a beautiful wedding gown by Maggie Sottero.  Both dresses were gorgeous and allowed Shivana the best of bost worlds!

Indian Bride

Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Bride and Groom at Ceremony

Wedding Photographer: Corner House Photography

Bridal Salon: Bellissima Bride

Wedding Dress Designer:  Maggie Sotteo


Can’t get enough?  Then check out more beautiful wedding dresses  on the Mission Inn Wedding Inspirations Boards.