Samantha & Samantha’s Vineyard Inspired Wedding

brides in front of lake at sunset

Samantha & Samantha’s Vineyard Inspired Wedding

A vineyard inspired wedding was perfect for this amazing, wine loving couple who met in California.


The Beginning:

Samantha and Sam met in 2003 online and became close friends until they met in person on November 23, 2008. The couple remained friends until 2011, visiting back and forth between California and Florida, when they went their seperate ways and lost touch.

In 2013, Sam realized that she didn’t want Samantha to be “the one that got away”. She made a leap of faith and moved across the country from California to Florida so the couple could reconnect.

Sam’s move cross-country reunited the two and on December 28, 2016, Cali dropped to one knee and asked Florida to marry her. Of course, she said yes, but not to be outdone, Samantha staged a second proposal on February 15, 2017, in which she proposed to Sam.

Two Brides Announcing Wedding Date in Garden

Two brides holding love sign

Two brides sitting on park bench

Choosing Mission Inn:

Samantha and Samantha (the Sams) stumbled upon Mission Inn when they attended our annual wedding showcase. The couple took a group tour during the showcase and fell in love. In fact, they had a hard time deciding between Legends and Marina del Rey because they loved them both so much. In the end, they chose Legends as the backdrop for their happily ever after. The pair didn’t know it at the time, but Legends would turn out to be the perfect compliment to their wedding theme.


Here’s a fun candid photo of them winning a prize at our first wedding show!

Sam and Sam at wedding showcase


The Planning Process:

The Sams had a blast through the entire planning process. The couple enjoyed going to wedding shows, taking their time and choosing one vendor category at each show that they attended. For a theme, the couple wanted a vineyard feel, fitting since they met in California and love wine. The colors they chose included burgundy, slate and pops of gold.


The Sams are lucky ladies! Here they are at our 2019 Wedding Showcase after winning the grand prize!

The Sams in Front of the Mission Inn Booth after a big wedding show win


Getting Ready:

Each of the Sams spent the morning on wedding day getting ready in their own ready room. Their daughters and their families were by their side every step of the way.

wedding dress in tree for vineyard inspired wedding

wedding pearl jewelery for vineyard inspired wedding

Bride getting her dress put on by her daughter

bride smiling on wedding day

For Cali (each Sam is lovingly nicknamed after their home state), a piece of her dad’s favorite shirt was pinned into her vest by her brother. He wanted a way for Sam to have her dad with her on the big day.

Bride pinnning boutonierre on her vest

bride with dads shirt sewn into the wedding vest

bride looking into mirror on wedding day

bride looking out the window on vineyard inspired wedding day


First Look:

Samantha & Samantha both knew that they wanted a private first look with just the two of them before the big moment. The couple decided that the waterfall would be the perfect spot. Since Cali had been designated as the “br-oom” as the couple called it, it was decided that Cali would be the one waiting to see Florida. Her eyes filled with tears before she even turned to see her beautiful bride.

Bride waiting for first look

Bride sneaking up on bride during first look before vineyard inspired wedding

Bride wiping her tears anxious for first look before vineyard inspired wedding

Bride touching bride back for first look before vineyard inspired wedding

Bride touching bride back for first look

Bride touching bride back for first look

brides laughing during first look

brides kissing in front of waterfall

brides holding each other in front of waterfall

brides walking hand in hand in front of waterfall before vineyard inspired wedding ceremony

brides laughing in front of waterfall

brides looking at wedding boquet holding hands


A Vineyard Inspired Wedding Ceremony:

The couple had a perfect, intimate vineyard inspired wedding ceremony. Cali walked down the aisle carrying her dad’s favorite leather hat and placed it on his empty seat to start the ceremony. On Florida’s side, Samantha had her daughter Brooke, her sister and best friends. On Cali’s side, Sam had her daughter, Teagan, her brother, her sister and her brother-in-law. Officiating the ceremony was Cali’s uncle, Rick, who’s personalized ceremony brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

officiant in kilt telling wedding guests to be seated for vineyard inspired wedding

sister of bride walking down the aisle

brother of bride walking down the aisle

brides daughter walking down the aisle

bride walking down the aisle holding dad's leather hat

close up of bride walking down the aisle with dad's leather hat

bride placing dad's leather hat over vacant ceremony seat for vineyard inspiring wedding

mother of bride crying at the start of the ceremony

brides daughter walking down the aisle

brides daughter tearing up as shes walking down the aisle

bridesmaids in burgundy for vineyard inspired wedding

flower girl dropping rose petals down the aisle for vineyard inspired wedding

second flower girl dropping rose petals

young flower girl skipping down the aisle

officiant uncle giving flower girl sweet kiss on the head

bride getting teary eyed watching bride coming down the aisle

bride walking down the aisle with guests watching ceremony

brides laughing and holding hands at wedding ceremony

Officiant presiding over wedding with two brides

vineyard inspired wedding ceremony with wine barrels

brides locking wine box

Brides kissing at the end of the vineyard inspired ceremony

Brides celebrating the end of the wedding ceremony

Two brides holding hands at end of wedding ceremony

Flower Girl Throwing Rose Petals after Ceremony in front of two Brides

Officiant walking back up the aisle

Portraits of the Couple:

brides in front of greenery with veil blowing in the wind

brides looking at each other under veil

brides watching wedding veil blow in the wind

brides looking at each other with Mission Inn Resort in the background

brides holding hands and walking across the bridge to their vineyard inspired wedding

brides kissing on wedding day at twilight

brides in front of lake at sunset

One Awesome Bridal Party:

bride and her daughter on wedding day

brides with brides brother and sister

brides with their daughters

bride her daughter and her siblings

Wedding Group Hug

Bridal party in Burgundy for Vineyard Inspired Wedding

Burgundy Bridal Party Photo

Fun bridal party picture with bridal party in burgundy for vineyard inspired wedding

bridal party all holding hands together

bridal party standing behind two brides

bride carrying her daughter on wedding day

brother of bride giving the bride a piggy back ride


A Vineyard Inspired Wedding Reception:

To create their vineyard inspired wedding reception, The Sams chose burgundy and slate with pops of gold. Rustic wine barrels framed the couple’s sweetheart table to complete the look.

Vineyard Inspired Wedding Ballroom With Slate, Burgundy and Gold

Vineyard Inspired Wedding Ballroom With Slate, Burgundy and Gold

Vineyard Inspired Wedding Sweetheart Table With Slate, Burgundy and Gold

Wedding Dessert Display

Wedding Cake

Wedding Seating Chart

brides entering their vineyard inspired wedding reception

brides first dance

brides first dance

brother and sister of bride give speeches

brides dance with brother in law

two brides cutting wedding cake

bride nicely feeding cake to her bride

bride covered in chocolate cake

cut wedding cake

bride tossing her bouquet to her bridesmaids

bride getting ready to remove garter from other bride

bride under her brides dress

bride tossing the garter

wedding guests out dancing

Calling It a Night:

Two Brides Kissing at Sparkler Exit

Close up of two brides kissing during sparkler exit

Bride at Mission Inn Gates

Two Brides at Iron Gates with Shadows

Brides in front of mosiac tile of Walt Disney

Kind Words from our Brides:

My wife and I first met Jessica and Mission Inn on a whim when we decided to attend their “Seasons of Love” showcase. We did a group tour with Jessica and had a amazing time meeting all their vendors.

After the showcase, we couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful location and the amazing staff that we met that day… and the delicious hors d’oeuvres that we enjoyed while we were there. After comparing locations and staff, we couldn’t imagine holding our ceremony in any other place with any other people. We then met Bri and our love for Mission Inn grew even more.

Jessica and Bri are amazing ladies with remarkable attention to detail that made our entire planning process simple and stress free. We looked forward to meeting with them at all of the various wedding shows and intentionally hunted them down just to say hello. Bri-Ica made our wedding day and night, a night to remember. We received rave reviews from those who attended who also fell in love with the scenery, food, and service… but really those reviews belong to Mission Inn and their staff. Bri-Ica really out did themselves and we look forward to visiting the resort each month as our getaway from reality and reliving our “Happily Ever After”.

Thank you Jessica and Bri for everything you have done we couldn’t be any happier.


Check Out Their Wedding Video:

Vendor Team:

Wedding Ceremony: Mission Inn Resort’s Legends Courtyard

Wedding Reception: Mission Inn Resort’s Legends Ballroom

Photo & Video By: PB & J Studios

Bride’s Floral By: Faiella Creations

Ceremony & Reception Music: Our DJ Rocks

Dessert & Wedding Cake: Sugar Layne Sweets

Wedding Party Makeup: Jazz it Up Artistry 

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