Shante & James’ Lakeside Brunch Wedding

Bride and Groom Together

Shante & James’ Lakeside Brunch Wedding

Shante & James’ Lakeside Brunch Wedding


The Beginning:

African American Female Bride with Caucasian Male Groom in Green Shirt

Shante met James on a dating website in December 2015. James was living in Virginia and Shante in Florida.  The couple built their relationship on text messaging, phone calls and Skype. It was nine months before they met face to face! After that first meeting, they knew they were in love. Shante found someone that accepted her and her daughter, Kianna, and James couldn’t believe he found someone who understood him so well as Shante did.

African American Female Bride with Caucasian Male Groom in Green Shirt sitting in front of park fountain

couple walking on park boardwalk through palm trees

white and pink floral dress with womans hand showing engagement ring


The Engagement:

Man in purple shirt, woman in floral dress and child in pink dress taking family photo in a park

August 6th, the day before their second anniversary, James arranged a family photo shoot at a park Shante loved.  The park had a picturesque pathway and beautiful lakefront. The photographer started with photos of just Kianna and Shante. Suddenly James mentioned something about Shante forgetting her ring. Suddenly, James pulled out a black box saying “You forgot this ring.” James’ romantic speech was hard to heard over Shante’s sobbing crying but, she definitely said YES! Then James turned to Kianna and down on one knee told her that even though she wasn’t biologically his, he loved her as if she were. He asked her to be his daughter and presented her with a heart locket with a pink diamond. Cue more tears! Kianna happily said yes and gave him a big hug.

On the way home, Shante suggested picking up some pizza. They stopped at Little Caesars and James went to get the food. He came back saying they weren’t open which was shocking because it was only 8:30 p.m. When they arrived home, Shante opened the door and her family and friends jumped out shouting “Congratulations!” More tears! Everyone had driven up and set up a party in the apartment with James’ planning. Weeks of sneaking and planning and not one person said a word.  It was an amazing day to remember!

man in purple shirt on bended knee in front of lake proposing to woman in floral dress

man in purple shirt on bended knee in front of lake proposing to woman in floral dress

man in purple shirt on bended knee in front of lake proposing to daughter in pink dress


Lakeside Brunch Wedding Day: Thursday, June 20, 2019


Getting Ready:

bride in white robe smiling and getting ready for lakeside brunch wedding

Bride in white bathrobe getting makeup done

Bride sitting on black chair in white robe with hand showing engagement ring

flower girl with white dress and pink sash with braided hair

Ring bearer getting dressed

Groom in tux in front of orange lilies

Groom in tux in front of stone wall

bride reading letter from future groom

Groom sitting on white railing reading letter from bride

bride putting earrings in

bridesmaid buttoning the brides dress

Bridal Bouquet with pink roses

pair of white high heeled wedding shoes


A Lakeside Ceremony:


sand ceremony with pink and white sand set on table lakeside for wedding

Groom walking in the grass for lakeside wedding ceremony

Groom waiting for bride

Ring bears walking down aisle Flower girl walking down the aisle

Bride walking down the aisle

Officiant for lakeside brunch weddin

Bride and groom at ceremony

Bride and groom exchanging vows

Bride and groom exchanging wedding vows with officiant lakeside

Bride and groom exchanging wedding vows with officiant lakeside

Daughter of bride resting her head on the bride during ceremony

Bride, groom and flower girl during ceremony

bride and groom doing sand ceremony

Bride and groom exchanging first kiss

Bride kissing her daughter the flower girl at the end of the ceremony

Bride and groom walking down the aisle with guests clapping after lakeside brunch wedding ceremony

Close up of bride and groom kissing

Bride and groom holding hands

Lakeside Wedding Portraits:

Bride groom and flower girl daughter under oak tree by the lake

Mother of Groom, Groom, Bride and Father of Groom

Mother and Father of Bride, Groom, Bride and Brides Daughter

Groom and new daughter

Bride Groom and Brides Daughter

Family on Wedding Day Under Oak

Mom and Daughter Kissing

Bride and Groom Together

Bride and Groom Holding Hands

Bride and Groom on Wooden Lakeside Boardwalk for Brunch Wedding

Walking on Boardwalk with Spanish Moss

Bride By Herself

Groom by himself on wooden boardwalk

Lakeside Brunch Wedding Reception:

Lakeside Brunch Wedding Reception Venue with White Linen tables with Pink Napkins

Bride and Groom Entering Lakeside Brunch Wedding Reception Venue

Bride and Groom on Dance Floor Dancing

Bride Resting her head on grooms shoulder during dance

Bride and Groom sitting together during speeches at lakeside brunch wedding

Grey M with mimosa and flowers from wedding


pink and white miniature wedding cake

assorted pink and white wedding cupcakes

bride and groom cutting wedding cake in front of glass window overlooking lake

Bride and Groom kissing behind wedding cake and dessert

cupcake display with two glasses of mimosas

Lakeside brunch wedding reception group photo of entire family


Vendor Team that Brought to Life this Lakeside Brunch Wedding:

Wedding Ceremony Location: Mission Inn Resort’s Cypress Lawn at Marina del Rey

Wedding Reception Location: Mission Inn Resort’s Lago Vista at Marina del Rey

Engagement Shoot & Wedding Photography: KMD Photo and Film

Wedding Ceremony & Reception DJ: DJ Phil Joeckel 

Floral: Orlando Flower Market

Wedding Officiant: Dr. Jill Norburn

Cake & Desserts by: Le Petit Sweet 


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