Mission Inn Weddings of 2020

Mission Inn Weddings of 2020

Remembering 2020

Mission Inn Weddings of 2020

Mission Inn Weddings – Remembering 2020

Despite the uncertainty of the year, 65 couples were certain of one thing – that they’re committed to spending their lives together.

65 Couples, 65 I Do’s, 65 Mission Inn Weddings

Here’s a look back at the year:

January 4th – Michele and David

Marina January Wedding Khim Higgins Photography


January 4th – Jenna and Sean

January Winter Wedding

Cricket’s Photography

January 5th – Jennifer and Austin

January Resort Side Wedding

Patken Photographer


January 11th – Sarah and Robert

January Wedding Golf Course Live Happy Studio


January 30th – Tera and Brent

January Waterfall WeddingMary Fosky Photography


February 2nd – Tanya and Jason

February Golf Course WeddingBumby Photography


February 2nd – Christina and Kevin

February Legends Wedding Photography By Greg


February 2nd – Brittany and Jon
February Marina Wedding

Chynna Pacheco


February 7th – Gina and TobyFebruary Marina Wedding

Anna So Photography


February 8th – Emily and Chris

February Marina Wedding Jesse Giles


February 8th – Luciana and Doug


February 9th – Yisha and Justin

February Ballroom Wedding

Fox and Film


February 15th – Alexis and KyleFebruary Winter Wedding

Alexis Kline Photography


February 21st – Jessica and MichaelFebruary Resort Wedding


February 22nd – Jennifer and Justin

Revery Company


February 23rd – Sarah and Nate

February Resort Wedding


February 29th – Sarina and Ryan

February Resort Wedding

Southern Honey Bee


March 6th – Maria and Mike March Resort WeddingPB and J Studios


March 7th – Brittany and Chris

March Outdoor Wedding

Aisle and Ivy


March 13th – Crystal and Chris

March Waterfall Wedding

AJ Productions


March 14th – Lauren and JordanMarch Sunset WeddingPassio Photography


May 7th – Barbara and Gary

May Legends Wedding

KMD Creations


May 16th – Patty and Paul

May Resort Wedding

Terrie Images


May 17th – Danielle and Brandon

May Resort Wedding

Live Happy Studio


May 28th – Dana and Chase

May Resort Wedding

Gabby Girdner Photography


June 13th – Stephanie and Hugh


June 19th – Crystal and Derek

June Golf Course Wedding

Daylin Lavoy Photography


June 26th – Rina and Gregg

Bride Rina nad Groom Gregg in Front of Fountain for Mission Inn Wedding

Kathy Thomas Photography


July 11th – Brittany and Michael

July Marina Wedding


July 11th – Alexandra and Jean-Marc

July Resort Wedding PB and J Studios


July 12th – Jessica and Ryan

July Marina Wedding

PB and J Studios


July 18th – Gisselle and Josh

Louvenir Photography


August 8th – Kristen and Seth

Rebecca Jordan


August 22nd – Lindsay and Branden August Waterfall WeddingLive Happy Studio


August 29th – Becky and Andy

August Legends Wedding


September 5th – Danielle and Devante

September Marina Wedding


September 18th – Devon and Joe


September 19th – Allison and Brian


September 26th – Jennifer and Septime

September Marina Wedding


October 3rd – Julia and Cole


October 3rd – Danielle and Jeff

October Marina Wedding

Cricket’s Photography


October 10th – Tina and Luis

October Marina Wedding


October 10th – Adrian and Elliot Martin and Gloria Photography


October 10th – Kerri and Shaun


October 11th – Jordyn and Cody

October Resort Wedding


October 17th – Kristen and Andrew

Sydney Mormon Photography


October 24th – Danielle and Nathan


October 30th – Laura and Juan


November 1st – Teri and Casey


November 4th – Gena and Mike

November Resort Wedding


November 7th – Kate and John

November Marina Wedding


November 14th – Jessica and Zach

November Marina Wedding


November 14th – Isabel and Anthony


November 14th – Kylie and John


November 22nd – Lauren and Josh

November Marina Wedding


December 4th – Lauren and Constant


December 5th – Alise and Chris


December 5th – Karlyn and Dan


December 6th – Kellie and Garrett

December Legends Wedding


December 6th – Allison and Justin


December 12th – Crystal and Rafael


December 13th – Lydia and Israel


December 31st – Ilaria and Joseph


December 31st – Lizzie and Paul

December Marina Wedding


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