Bri, Director of Wedding Sales at Mission Inn Resort

Director of Wedding Sales – Bri

We’ve been introducing our wedding team here at Mission Inn and some of their interests beyond weddings to get to know them just a little better.

Next up, Mission Inn Resort is proud to introduce wedding team member, Bri Marbais, Mission Inn’s Director of Wedding Sales.  Bri has been with the Mission Inn Wedding Team for five years.

Bri Marbais - Director of Wedding Sales

Photo By:  The Hendricks 

Bri joined Mission Inn’s Wedding Team as an intern while studying at the University of Central Florida and has since worked as wedding sales manager and now, director.  Bri has her bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and is a Certified Wedding Planner through the internationally acclaimed Bridal Society.

Graduate Bri Marbais Director of Wedding Sales

So, we wanted to find out more about Bri –


Mission Inn Resort: What is your favorite thing/part about weddings?

Bri:  The wedding dress.  I absolutely live for bridal fashion.  I NEVER miss an edition of Vogue and I have seen absolutely every episode of “Say Yes to the Dress”. Ultimate life goal would definitely be to open and run my own plus sized bridal line with boutique shops around the country.

Bri Director of Wedding Sales at Bridal Salon

Mission Inn Resort: Three things that make you happy?

Bri:  Call me bubbly but I love champagne and bubble baths (not necessarily together but that’s okay too!).   My beau and I live in different states right now, so any time with him makes me smile, whether we are out on adventures or snuggled up on the couch binge watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  I am also a music junkie, especially country and pop, and try to get in as many concerts a year as I can.  This year the lineup includes Britney Spears, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé!

 Bri & Bobby in the snow

Mission Inn Resort: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Bri: When I was younger, I always wanted to be a guidance counselor.  I had an amazing guidance counselor that made a huge impact when I was in middle school and always thought it would be rewarding to be able to make that same positive impact for others. Plus coaching a sport and chaperoning prom would be the best!  Or a race car driver because clearly I had skills!

                                                Nascar Bri

Mission Inn Resort: What is your favorite cake flavor?

Bri:  Let me start by saying I’m absolutely not a sweets person, definitely more savory (carbs, beef and red wine to be exact).  On occasions when cake is a must, funfetti or red velvet are my go-tos, but no cream cheese frosting.  Before my wedding, my goal is to find someone who can actually sculpt me a wedding cake from tomatoes, my all-time favorite food!

 Tomatoes Anyone?


Mission Inn Resort: Where are you from?

Bri:  Believe it or not, I am the only one on the wedding team that is a true Florida girl born and raised in Ocoee, FL.  It really is magical growing up with Walt Disney World in your backyard and I spend more time in the parks than I care to admit.


Mission Inn Resort: What is your favorite wedding venue here on property?

Bri:  If I was having my wedding at Mission Inn, I would do an outdoor ceremony on the back side of Plaza de la Fontana with an evening reception on Plaza de la Fontana.  The back side allows for so much creativity for the ceremony so that I could really go crazy with décor.  Plaza de la Fontana in the evening at sunset is just so stunningly romantic and then you dance the night away under the stars.


Photo By:  Brian Adams Photography


Mission Inn Resort: What is your favorite social media app?

Bri:  Instagram girl for sure.  I’m all about the images and hardly even read the text.  Not only is it great for inspiration but I can keep up with all my favorite celebs too!


Mission Inn Resort:  What’s your favorite holiday?

Bri: Absolutely Halloween.  If you haven’t yet figured it out, I have a go big or go home attitude.  You can go crazy decorating for Halloween and there are so many options.  Plus, I love any opportunity to dress up and to watch others in their costumes.


Mission Inn Resort:  What are some small things that make your day better?

Bri:  Giving myself extra time in the morning to grab Starbucks is a real treat (but let’s be honest, it doesn’t happen often).  I love when my boyfriend, Bobby, calls the resort and pretends to be a bride or groom (like we don’t have caller id).  Also, I’m a list maker and love the feeling of completion, so every check off my list is a step in the right direction.


Mission Inn Resort:  Tell us about your dream wedding day?

Bri:  I dream of a styled-shoot destination wedding.  Think island off the coast of Italy or Greece, large white estate with flowing green grass atop of a cliff overlooking the ocean.  Definitely Mama Mia feel.  I would have a minimum of three different dresses, one for ceremony, one for grand entrance and one for partying in all night, probably a flower crown or some sort of elaborate headpiece.  Everything would be all white, and guests would all be in formal attire in neutral shades.  The reception would be only my family and friends, max fifty people with two or three feasting tables and a super elaborate sweetheart table.

Thanks so very much, Bri, for sharing a little bit about you with the rest of us. Welcome to the Mission Inn Resort family!

Bri Marbais Director of Wedding Sales

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