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La Hacienda - bride and groom dancing under gorgeous wrought iron chandelier

Why do couples choose La Hacienda for their reception?

Unique Floorplan – La Hacienda features a unique split level floor plan.  This allows you to celebrate on the upper level with dancing while guests enjoy dinner and spending time together on the lower level.  It also allows for great vantage points during those special; don’t miss moments, like your first dance and cake cutting.

Stunning Architecture
– The room is filled with a warm, classic ambiance.  In the center of the room, you’ll find a grand fireplace surrounded by large marble columns.  Dramatic chandeliers hang throughout the room and over the dance floor.

Outdoor Evening Romance
– The market lighting surrounding La Hacienda and strung throughout Plaza de las Palmas makes for unforgettably romantic photos at night.  Step away from the dancing and the fun for just long enough to capture these romantic shots.

What are some important things to know about La Hacienda for my reception?

Maximum Occupancy – La Hacienda can hold a maximum of 150 guests; in addition, the attached room, La Paloma is a great option for accommodating additional guests for larger weddings.

Table Layout
– La Hacienda’s rectangular shape works perfectly for long tables of 10 (or more) guests.

Dance Floor
– Weddings with a DJ will typically place their dance floor on the upper level of the room, while weddings featuring a live band will place their dance floor on the lower level with additional seating upstairs.

Plated or Buffet
– Either!  La Hacienda does feature an awesome built-in buffet area for those couples wishing to do a buffet.  For couples would opt for a plated dinner, we recommend pipe and drape to conceal the buffet area.

Cocktail Hour and Ceremony Space
– Your wedding ceremony will take place on the gorgeous Plaza de la Fontana followed by cocktail hour in Plaza de las Palmas.

La Hacienda - bride and groom first dance on a cloud

What Our Couples Are Saying:

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Come See La Hacienda